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Expert advisor and sounding board to your team throughout the planning and roll out process. Expert Briefings, Analysis & Recommendations on Security, Search, Integration with Social, IT and Marketing Plans, Use Cases & Promotion

We are not trying to sell you software, products or cross sell a myriad of other services. We are solely focused on delivering you the best and most objective and creative advice in the industry. Jen Wolfe as the CEO and Leader of Dot Band 360 has a unique background and her expertise is unmatched. Everything you need to effectively roll out your registries can be provided the Dot Brand 360 team. We bring you the most cutting edge thinking and deliverables. Our leadership has brought together a team of talented individuals across legal and policy, technical and digital expertise.

  • Thought Leadership. Jen and Anne have interviewed leading executives to write two highly acclaimed books, Brand Rewired and Domain Names Rewired, published by Wiley. Their research and writing has been endorsed by senior executives from Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Richemont, Warner Bros. Entertainment, General Electric Company and the International Trademark Association as cutting edge futuristic thinking. Their research has predicted key trends in the evolution of branding and creativity and the future of the new Domain Extensions. Jen writes a monthly column in Click Z and SEO Watch on how the new domain extensions impact digital marketers. She leads invite only roundtables with top technology companies to discuss the future of the internet in a Dot Brand and Dot Anything world.
  • Creativity. The team is experienced in facilitating white boarding and creative sessions through their Idea Studio where we bring a fresh approach based upon digital intelligence and clear trends. Our use cases have been recognized as creative and visionary thinking about the future of the internet. Want to see a few, click here.
  • Understands the Corporate Environment. Jen has been working with leading global brands for the last decade, many in the Fortune 100, and has been invited to speak at major conferences on the future of the internet and search. She understands how large organizations function, works closely with C-Suite executives and knows how to engage a cross-functional team to innovate and mobilize around new opportunities. Want to talk to some C-Suite executives she’s worked with, let her know and she’ll set up a call with them. Jen leads our team with this approach in mind.
  • Legal and Intellectual Property. Jen started a technology and intellectual property law firm at the age of 28 and grew it over ten years into the largest woman owned intellectual property law firm in the United States, serving companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Scripps Networks Interactive, Duke Energy, and many other Fortune 500 companies. She retains a partnership interest in Wolfe, Sadler Breen, Morasch & Colby. The firm has been ranked in the top 75 patent firms in the U.S. by IP Today
  • ICANN Policy. en served as a GNSO Councilor and is now the Chairwoman of the GNSO Review Working Party in ICANN. She is committed to continued service and engagement in the development of global internet policy. Anne Chasser, was the U.S. Commissioner of Trademarks and the President of the International Trademark Association.
  • Marketing. Jen started her career in marketing, working as the Marketing Director of a regional publishing and direct mail business. She put herself through law school providing marketing and public relations consulting and maintains her status as nationally accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America. Our support team has been certified in Google Analytics and Hub Spot and manages social media, video production and marketing and SEO strategies. The team includes word press developers, SEO experts and digital data analysts.
  • Technology & Entrepreneurship. Jen has started and grown numerous businesses and invested and partnered in technology start-ups. She served as the first female President of the Greater Cincinnati Venture Capital Association and has been committed to working with emerging technology companies since the early days of building an entrepreneurial law firm. She understands how to succeed in emerging spaces and is managing the Dot Brand 360 team to provide that time of entrepreneurial thinking in working with clients.
  • Award Winning. Jen has been named for four years in a row as a leading global intellectual property strategist by IAM Magazine based in London and one of the only focused on Digital Brand IP strategy. Jen has won a long list of awards and accolades which can be found in more detail on her bio page of DotBrand360.Agency and on her Linked In Page.
  • Process & Management. Jen has been certified as a black belt in lean six sigma process improvement methodology and has a master’s degree in organizational behavior. She builds on these skill sets to create roadmaps and build processes in managing the new Dot Brand environment. After law school and graduate school at the University of Cincinnati, Jen continued her education with post-graduate programs at Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School focusing on negotiation, dispute resolution and board governance.
  • Read more about some of our Team Members.

    If you want to know more, just ask our clients. We’re happy to provide contact information to talk with the people who know us best. We’ve also included a brief testimonial from Microsoft about our thought leadership in writing Domain Names Rewired and Warner Bros on Brand Rewired:

    “Domain Names Rewired” takes a topic so far reserved for specialists – ICANN’s upcoming release of over 1,000 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) – and makes plain why everyone else should care about it, and how they should think about the threats and opportunities that the resulting new Internet will present to them and their businesses. Wiith full command of the technical aspects of the topic and keen awareness of the relevant historical precedents, Wolfe and Chasser spell out the impact of the new regime on existing Internet business models and predict the emergency of new ones. Just as in the settlement of the American West, the new frontiers opened by ICANN’s regime will open doors to a new breed of pioneers, cowboys, trappers, prospectors, and miners. Like their predecessors in American history, only those who are well prepared for the new environment will succeed. Reading Domain Names Rewired is a great way to begin the preparation.''

    Horacio Gutierrez, Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel of Microsoft.

    “Brand Rewired celebrates collaboration and the power of brands. It’s a must real for all brand managers and business leaders.”

    Diane Nelson, President, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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