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What We Do

We help you build a holistic strategy and roll out plan that fits into your short and long-range business goals with a complete understanding of the Dot Brand benefits and compliance requirements.

We facilitate creative idea sessions and planning with your marketing, digital and IT team to identify how search and navigation within your existing .com will be impacted as well as how your domain strategy needs to evolve to remain relevant to customers. We provide unmatched expertise which includes research briefings on security, data and how to engage more effectively with your customers using your Dot Brand.

We use our proprietary methodology, Digital Mapping® to analyze your unique space in the digital world and pair it with an extensive library of use cases rolled out with our proven methodology and roadmap. Want to know more? Call us, we’ll be happy to share with you how we are helping other brands explore the Bold Statements Made Easy™ approach and how we can help you.

If you would like a demo of our Digital Mapping® methodology, email jdressman@dotbrand360.agency and we’ll send you a short video demo.


We believe in the importance of building plans based upon data sets and forecasting trends based upon clear signals. While many in the industry are taking an approach of trying something to see what works or simply redirecting existing web pages, we believe that to understand the future of your business in a digital world, you need to look at data points to build new assumptions and create a data driven plan. We look at numerous data sets to help predict trends:

  • Patent Tracking. We track patents filed by big technology companies and your competitors to understand how they are preparing for shifts in digital behavior. Want to know why we do this, let us know and we can brief you.
  • Web Analytics. Using a proprietary algorithm to crawl the internet searching for sites using your brand or key words that actually get traffic, we understand how your brand is trending in a digital world – that helps us identify opportunities for your Dot Brand.
  • Social Tracking. We track recent social trends in your brand space and industry, and then map out what is trending across the digital space.
  • Search Signals. We look at your search data statistics and evaluate search status in your industry to understand what could have an impact for you as you roll our new digital addresses, landing pages or campaigns. We don’t guess, we build predictions based upon data sets.
  • Historical Shifts and Analogies with Power. We also look at historical shifts in your industry. What has impacted your digital experience in the past? How quickly do your consumers adopt to new ideas or emerging trends in the digital space? We work to build a picture of your company’s evolution in the digital space to help see where this fits in the future.

By capturing these data sets, working in tandem with your team, we can help you forecast future digital trends and help you build assumptions across your business to effectively leverage the Dot Brand Technology Platform.


Once you delegate your Dot Brand, you have launched a technology platform at the root zone of the internet. This means there are many new compliance and management issues to address above and beyond a typical domain name. We can help you create new protocols and policies, audit existing policies or simply advise on best practices.

  • Marketing Best Practices. Your marketing department may not have asked for a new Dot Brand, but once they realize the potential and see it as a blank canvas, the calls and emails will flood in with requests for new domain spaces. What are best practices for managing this process? What can and can’t you do under the ICANN agreements? How do you control marketing? We can help train your marketing teams and build out best practices to manage the allocation of new domains names across the organization when ANYTHING.BRAND is possible.
  • IT Protocols & Procedures. Likewise, there are many technical requirements. We can help you build in the protocols and procedures needed to remain compliant. If you want to outsource this fully, we have a team to do this for you. Or, if you just want help getting it set up to manage internally, we will work with you to get onboarded and create the processes and procedures to stay compliant with ICANN.
  • Asset Allocation with Finance & Budget Management. An important area, often overlooked, is how you allocate this new technology platform as an asset with your finance department and how you budget for its ongoing operation. We can help you evaluate and work with your finance department to structure the Dot Brand program for optimal tax treatment and to consider how to break apart the budgeting process to best fit within your organization. If you need help building out a profit and loss allocation or financial model for the Dot Brand, we can help there too.

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