Superbowl Advertisers: Who Bought gTLD and Who Didn’t
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 04th February 2013 in 360 Blog

A quick review of the list of advertisers who spent $4 million or more for just a 30 second spot on the Super Bowl reveals that most of them don’t have a clue how the internet is about to change and the impact on their marketing strategy. Companies like Budweiser, Coca-Cola, M&Ms, Doritos, Pepsi, Subway, Taco Bell and others paid $4 million to reach consumers on the big game day, but wouldn’t invest $185,000 to own a critical digital asset – their brand TLD. Why? Most likely, they didn’t get good advice or weren’t ‘willing to do the innovative thinking necessary to realize this is one of the most important digital acquisitions in the future of their business. Marketers need to wake up and start to understand the impact that gTLDs will have on digital strategy, social media, apps and mobile technology, not to mention how consumers search, navigate and use the internet.

Some, though, get it including Audi, Go Daddy, Toyota and Calvin Klein, all of whom forked out the big bucks for the Superbowl ad, but also invested in the future of their brand as a digital asset with their brand TLDs.

And, the NFL also applied so it’s easy to wonder what more they might do with their own channel of the internet .NFL when it comes to advertising, promotion and tracking data about games and consumers.

Big brands who did not apply should pay attention to the timeline and start considering their response strategy. It’s not just about brand protection, but about a holistic digital strategy rooted in data analytics.

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