Successfully Monitoring Your Brand Online with Brandshield Technology
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 04th August 2014 in 360 Blog

As I continue to search for new products and services that will help companies manage their digital real estate in the future of the expanded internet environment, I have been fortunate to come across a great company, Brand Shield. I’ve tested their product for the last 6 – 9 months for several clients and found the results to be incredibly powerful. With a dramatically expanding internet environment, now more than ever you need to know when and how people use your brand and certain key words associated with your brand across the internet and the thousands of new top level domains. But, it’s not just about brand protection. You can’t acquire everything or stop everyone, but you do want to acquire what matters. And, you want to spot important trends about your business.

How do you know?

Track data
Brand shield is an algorithm that monitors traffic for your brand and related keywords. It’s more than just a trademark monitoring tool – it’s a Digital Intelligence tool. Find out who is using your brand or key words online and how many people go there

Does it matter?
Should you acquire?
Can you stop them?
What’s trending that might impact how you market online?
Is it an indication of what’s trending and what you should be talking about?
Or, worse, is it damaging your reputation?
What I like most about Brand Shield is that for a small monthly fee, you can receive monthly updates on how your brand and key words are trending online to make important decisions about your strategy and protect your brand. If the software is configured correctly, you can really use this to gather important data points strategically.

For example, you could include your top competitors in the search. So as they register for new domains or new digital sites pop up, you’ll have a heads up. If you are Clorox and a competitor registers a new domain to use for a campaign, say for example,, you may want to know before this goes live. If this is your top competitor, that’s important to know because it means they are launching a new campaign on that theme. Or, if a new company could be on the horizon, you want to know. If you in the skin care business, you may want to know when someone registers because it’s likely to be a new competitor. The tool crawls the sites to find your competitor names, keywords or other components of not just protecting your brand but understanding the competitive landscape.

The tool then allows you to indicate what’s important, what’s not and to track sites that could become more relevant to you. It also helps you find gripe sites that may not have hit your radar. If your brand is being discussed positively or negatively in a web site, Brand Shield will find it and give you the optimal ability to control the way your brand is used online.

The digital world is expanding. How you manage your brand in a digital environment is essential. Brand Shield is just one of many tools for data tracking. In the past, many have thought of trademark monitoring as something for lawyers. But now, for digital marketers, tracking the use of your brand and competitors throughout the digital world ins increasingly important and can help provide important data on what you can and should be doing with your gTLD, if you have one, as well as what new digital addresses you may want to acquire.