It’s Time to Engage the C-Suite in gTLD Digital Strategy
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 12th August 2012 in 360 Blog

The big bang of the Internet is coming in 2013 and C-Suite executives need to get a baseline understanding of how this impacts their business and more importantly, how it will impact their business. While most companies digital strategy has been left to a room full of 20 somethings just throwing money into social media without any way of tracking success, the time is coming for companies to evolve digital strategy into something more concrete and driven from the top. We see digital in three primary categories. Domain Names, Social Media and Mobile/Apps.

c suite still

Domain Name. Your domain name is your anchor or your channel of the Internet. This is where people can find you when they want the real and authentic you. Not just an app or a social media overlay – but when they want your brand, your company, you need a strong domain name and strong anchor to your entire digital strategy. This is your channel of the Internet. It’s your brand channel and you need to start to think about it like it’s your own channel for content curation, aggregation, interaction and providing important products and services to your consumer. Sure, you might partner with someone for aspects of this, but this is your channel and you own it. Whether you applied for a TLD or not, you need to understand where you fit in the expanding domain name universe and it needs to be on strategy.

Social Media. The next interconnected layer is social media. It’s not just a Facebook world anymore. Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube, will soon be the old boys of social media. New social media web sites and apps will continue to proliferate how people, and most importantly, your consumers, live their lives. You can’t just run ads and hope that it works. You have to deeply understand how social media integrates into the other aspects of your digital strategy and orchestrate it so that it is not chaos, but a beautiful well executed plan that all ties back to your anchor – your channel on the Internet.

Mobile and Apps. Finally, mobile devices and use of apps will be used with greater and greater frequency and provide greater services to your consumers on the go. But this must intersect with how you connect with them via social media and ensure that when they get back home and want your full channel that they have it available. Accordingly, figuring out how components of what you offer can work in apps and how they can interconnect is critical to putting this puzzle together. As the C-Suite begins to pay attention and apply resources to digital strategies, it’s important to understand, and this is of paramount importance, a digital strategy means nothing without flawless execution. And to execute a digital strategy requires a cross-functional team from your company. At no other time has the intersection of technical, brand, digital, intellectual property, legal rights and visionary leadership been more paramount.

We’ll talk more in upcoming segments about how to engage these cross functional teams to develop and execute a holistic digital strategy.