gTLD as a Channel of Distribution

Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 25th October 2012 in 360 Blog

Most of you likely now access most of your content from your cable box which is hooked up to televisions hanging on your wall. But many savvy media, sports and entertainment companies know that with the expansion of the internet, the opportunity for gTLDs to be channels of distribution is just a few years away. Comcast and Dish Network clearly see the writing on tech wall.

channel of distribution still

Apple is developing devices and technology to streamline connecting your flat screen to the internet. Likewise Google is buying up fiber optic networks to ensure faster delivery of HD to your home. When these forces converge along with the expansion of the internet, networks such as Food Network, HGTV, HBO, ABC, CBS, the weather channel, as well as Netflix, the NBA, NFL and MLB will all have secured their own gTLD or channel to deliver their content, partner with advertisers and be ready for the evisceration of cable as we know it.

Surprisingly, a few media giants failed to apply for their own channel including Disney, the PGA, NHL, ESPN, Viacom, MTV and others. Will they partner with those that did apply or just wait for the second round?