Comprehensive Strategy for the Top Level Domain Environment
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 12th September 2012 in 360 Blog

In case you hadn’t heard, ICANN (the non-profit organization which runs the Internet) has approved the release of thousands of new generic Top Level Domains such as .yourbrand or .restaurants, to anyone who wants to apply for one. While it is costly to obtain a new top level domain, this is the new frontier – just like it was when .com became mainstream, full of opportunities to create the future, adopt disruptive innovation and new business models, along with challenges to protect existing business models and brands. What is happening, what will change in how people use the Internet, how will businesses make money from it and what was the reasoning behind it all? How much will it cost companies to protect their brand when the Internet infinitely grows in size? These are just a few of the questions to be answered in Domain Names Rewired.

domain names rewired

This rapidly changing new regime of the Internet will impact the hundreds of millions of Internet users around the globe, not to mention every business that already has a “.com.” Largely under the radar of even sophisticated and savvy business executives, when the new Internet launches in 2013, businesses of all sizes will need guidance on how to respond. Those who caught on early and applied for their own top level domain between January and April of 2012, will be in for the biggest paradigm shift since the Internet began and potentially capitalize on the next channel of the Internet. Even for companies who didn’t invest in the new Internet, they will need to protect their existing .com and brand in an exponentially increasing Internet world and evaluate new opportunities.

In the first chapter, we provide an overview of the business community’s response to the program, opportunities, new business models and what is needed to defend your brand in this new regime. Throughout the remainder of the book, we interview global leaders in trade organizations, corporations, technology and other thought leaders to identify and predict trends.

We interviewed leaders from Microsoft, Yahoo!, Time Warner, Scripps Networks Interactive, Verizon, Procter & Gamble, Re/Max, Fair Winds Partners, com laude, Kelly Drye & Warren, ARI Registry Services and the International Trademark Association.

Domain Names Rewired is published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and is scheduled for release in the fall of 2012.