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Roadmap to the Brand gTLD
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 09th May 2014 in 360 Blog

I spend a lot of time talking with digital marketing leaders inside companies which applied for a new brand gTLD. They are all facing some of the same challenges – where to begin? It’s an enormous undertaking to even consider what to do with the gTLD. Everyone know simply moving the .com isn’t the answer, […]

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The Age of Digital Transformation
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 03rd April 2014 in 360 Blog

Most digital marketers realize we are in an age of digital transformation. As Schmidt & Cohen said in their book, The New Digital Age, “What you can watch on your various displays . . . will be determined by you, not by network-television schedules. At your fingertips will be an entire world’s worth of digital […]

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Does Your Company Need a Chief Digital Officer?
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 02nd April 2014 in 360 Blog

Companies are digitally innovating faster than ever as digital assets are often at the center of today’s marketing and social media initiatives. The list is long but some of the significant initiatives include user interfaces, apps, social networking functions, personalization options on web pages, subscriber perks and new products and services related to digital assets. […]

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Top Brands Who Didn’t Apply for a gTLD
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 19th March 2014 in 360 Blog

Some of the top tech brands who didn’t apply for a gTLD includeFacebook, Pandora, Twitter and EBay. In the consumer goods sector, companies like Kraft Foods, Coca Cola, Pepsi, KFC, Hershey, Unilever, United, American Airlines, Disney, ESPN, and Verizon didn’t apply. When I speak at conferences, people often ask me why I think they didn’t […]

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What’s the P&L for the Brand gTLD?
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 05th March 2014 in 360 Blog

For many companies, the gTLDs have added significant line items to the budget. In the application phase there was the filing fee of $185,000 plus legal and consulting fees to get the project off the ground. As the asset moves from acquisition to management, there will be registry operator, registrar, data escrow, ICANN and other […]

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Building the gTLD Road Map
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 19th February 2014 in 360 Blog

Most brands applied for gTLD(s) to protect their brand and ensure they didn’t miss an important new opportunity, but few had a clear business case for how they would use the gTLD platform when they applied. While the $185,000 price tag was substantially more than acquiring a typical domain, the short window of time to […]

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The Dot Com Bubble — Part Two?
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 20th December 2013 in 360 Blog

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the world went crazy over websites based businesses with absolutely no revenue model. Hundreds of millions of dollars were sunk into the “.com” bubble. Now, those models have evolved into billion dollar industries such as data mining, shopping online and advertising. As the new gTLDs prepare to launch, […]

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Why Digital Marketers Should Care About ICANN
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 26th November 2013 in 360 Blog

The 48th meeting of ICANN, celebrating 15 years of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers, came to a close on Friday, November 22, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you might expect, the halls were filled with lawyers and policy makers, technical experts, registrars and registry operators discussing the hot topics of the week. […]

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Brands and gTLDs — Stopping to Breathe and Strategize
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 22nd November 2013 in 360 Blog

As I continue to work with companies across the globe on their new gTLD strategies, I have found a few commonalities, regardless of the industry. Everyone is so busy with their “day jobs” that it’s hard to really get a team mobilized around the new gTLD project. As a result, many brands are moving rather […]

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Are gTLDs the Digital ‘Hoods’ of the Future?
Posted by Jennifer Wolfe on 21st October 2013 in 360 Blog

As I continue my quest to consider innovative ways for marketers to use the new gTLDs, I often look back to business books from 10-15 years ago to review the trends of the day. Faith Popcorn, renowned in the 1990s for predicting the future, may not have foreseen Facebook, Twitter or some of the latest […]

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